About us and our quest for accessible travel and barrier-free hotels

"With roomchooser, I want to contribute to a world where people with reduced mobility have the possibilities and means to travel wherever they want to"

Michael Sicher, Founder

I was lucky enough to have had great holidays as a child. It was much easier back then though. It was easy (and possible) to carry me around, whether into the bus or to the bed. To lift me in my wheelchair up or down a few steps was still possible. To be honest, nobody talked about accessibility at that time anyway.

But it was getting more and more difficult and the accessibility had to be considered more and more too particularly as it was not possible any more to overcome a few steps in a powered wheelchair. Nevertheless I always wanted to go to the United States. Although as a child I always wanted to Mickey Mouse in Disney World a documentary fascinated me about Las Vegas where I have been four times since then. So I began planning my first plane trip.

Independent living with personal care assistants made me, also for traveling, more flexible. But there were new challenges: Needing another room for my personal care assistant and to need a hoisting lift. In a nutshell the possibilities became less. Not necessarily because there were none but because they were hard to find. For example, if there is a clearance under the bed for using the hoisting lift could only be checked with the hotels directly. Painful.

Having to contact countless hotels often took the pleasant anticipation of traveling. That's why I created roomchooser to find a suitable hotel room fast and easily and to make travel a pleasant experience.

And with that came roomchooser...

The spirit of adventure.

We all want to see the world, and roomchooser aims to make that easily possible for people with limited mobility.

roomchooser intends to take the hassle out of booking accessible hotel rooms and opens up accessible travel. We are embarking on a quest to unlock your adventurous spirit, by becoming your one stop shop for accessible hotel room and travel bookings across the globe.

Effortless travel plans.

Planning a trip is time-consuming for anyone and in particular for a person with limited mobility. You will often have to compromise along the way, and the tedious process can even ruin the excitement of travel and planning.

At roomchooser we aim to put the fun back into your journey. We like you to worry about the unmissable sights you want to see and the local cuisine you want to devour, and not about whether your hotel room really meets your accessibility needs.

Booking with roomchooser means that what you see is what you get. Leveraging our partner network, we check the room and take pictures of room and hotel facilities to avoid nasty surprises when you arrive at your destination. We aim to add information on key features as well as inspire you to explore the world.

We've learned from experience.

Our intrepid founder Michael knows all about the drawbacks of traveling as a person with limited mobility. Adventuring across the world, he has experienced all the difficulties of finding the right hotel room - from the pitfalls to the unexpected surprises. In a bid to simplify the process and open up the travel industry to everyone, roomchooser was born.

We not only aim to list accessible rooms across the globe, but we are committed to working with the hospitality and travel industry in order to improve their accessibility and to create further travel opportunities for people with limited mobility.

Room by room, we are changing the way you travel across the world.