Hi delighted to see your website. I am always seeking accessible accommodation as we have a daughter who is an electric wheelchair user. Katie

Update, September 16, 2023: If roomchooser has already served you well in the past, you may be surprised why there are fewer and fewer hotels here. Providing quality and reliability for you is important to me and you deserve it as a paying guest. Therefore, hotels that do not answer your room requests in a timely manner (agreed within 24 hours) or do not answer at all are getting delisted. In the end, you should only find hotels here that value guests with limited mobility.

New: Great places where everyone is equally welcome. Accessible restaurants, shops,...

Traveling is great! Just get away, discover new things, relax, leave your worries behind and just enjoy. But if you travel with a wheelchair like me, the stress starts even before. When you are planing your trip. In addition to the question of how to get to my holiday destination without barriers, it was always extremely time-consuming and challenging for me to find suitable barrier-free hotels. Getting satisfactory and actually correct information about the wheelchair accessible room was an even bigger challenge. Before I book, I want to know whether I can actually use the room and if conforms to my accessibility needs.

Why asking the hotel often doesn't help you

I did not find detailed information on accessibility on any hotel website, let alone a booking option for a barrier-free room. So, I needed to contact hotels and ask for further information - if I got an answer at all. Many wheelchair accessible hotels do not even know exactly their own accessible facilities. Often the employees have never seen the accessible room.

All of this annoyed me. Worse still, the information I received was not just once downright wrong. Finding that out upon arrival was, of course, too late. In order to cope with the "barrier-free" room, we had to improvise. To get to bed or to use the bathroom. Once I even had to return home straight away. I knew that I wanted and had to change that for myself and other guests with disabilities.

How to find the best accessible hotels in Vienna without despair

I thought to myself that in order to easily find a wheelchair accessible hotel, two things are important. First: "A picture is worth a thousand words". I want to see my hotel room before I book it. Second: I just have to be able to easily search for my accessibility requirements and be able to rely 100 % on the information.

roomchooser offers you both: You can take a look at your barrier-free room and get a quote for exactly this room from the hotel. You don't see just any photos, but standardized photos so you can really take a look at the barrier-free room. Now even using 360 ° photos of selected hotels. After all, you know best what accessibility means to you.

If you book somewhere else, you could be in for a nasty surprise when you arrive at the hotel

The hotels listed here contractually guarantee that the information provided is correct and that the following minimum criteria are met: The rooms are accessible without steps, the doors are at least 80 cm wide, the corridors at least 120 cm. The washbasin is wheelchair-accessible with a minimum height of 70 cm, the shower is barrier-free. The inside dimensions of the elevator have a minimum width of 110 cm and a minimum depth of 140 cm, the elevator door is at least 90 cm wide.

I also personally check all the hotels in Vienna. You can therefore really rely on the information here. You anonymously request an offer and book at the hotel's direct price.

How to get an offer for your barrier-free hotel stay without risk

  • Select Find your accessibility criteria
  • Take a look at the room and see if the details fit you
  • Anonymously inquire about the barrier-free room at the hotel via roomchooser without any obligation
  • You will receive a non-binding offer from the hotel
  • The hotel will only receive your contact details to confirm the booking if you accept the offer
  • You have absolute no risk.

So now find the best accessible hotel in Vienna for you and send him an inquiry.

And if you have a question about your barrier-free stay in Vienna, I, Michael Sicher, am there for you.

Focus on what you want to experience in Vienna. The question which barrier-free hotel to choose is quickly and easily solved with roomchooser.

Easy travel planning

Easy travel planning

I am happy to personally answer your questions about accessible Vienna. For example, about sights, transfer, or restaurants. Enjoy your stay.
Save precious time

Save precious time

Only accessible hotels are listed. You can easily find hotel rooms that meet your needs. No more tedious hotel contacts to get vague information.
Reliable information

Reliable information

Selected hotels are reviewed on site. I visit hotels in Vienna and check their accessible rooms. You can rely on the information you get.
No bad surprise

No bad surprise

You see pictures of every hotel room and can assess at a glance if it meets your individual needs. When booking the room, you will get it.

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