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At roomchooser you find the right wheelchair accessible hotel room for your personal accessibility needs to enjoy your barrier-free holidays or business trip. We want you to discover the world and enjoy traveling, whether you use a wheelchair or not. Booking a barrier free accommodation or an ADA accommodation just makes your stay easier.

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Klimt Villa
Ich war dort

Klimt Villa

An accessible look in Gustav Klimt's studio

When in Vienna be sure to visit the Klimt Villa with it's relaxing garden where plants are blossoming around the year.  read more

Recommend a hotel you really enjoyed | Empfehle ein Hotel, das dir wirklich gefallen hat
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Recommend a hotel you really enjoyed!

Your experience counts

roomchooser wants you to find the best accessible hotel room easily - wherever you want to travel. That's why we appreciate every suggestion and ask you to let us know which accessible hotel room you really enjoyed and definitely recommend to others. read more

The Guesthouse Vienna - Design is well-being

The Guesthouse Vienna - Design is well-being

In conversation with Manfred Stallmajer

Hotel manager Manfred Stallmajer in conversation on the outskirts of the city at Pichlmairs zum Herkner. The significance of design and tradition, his role as host and the fascination of old technology. read more